Friday, July 10, 2015

The Working Man's Moviethon Volume One

I had a day off coming up so I had an idea, how about a moviethon where I watch as many movies as I can during my normal working hours? My criteria went like this: the film must be unseen by me, it must be streaming on Netflix, and it has to have beeen released in the last 5 years. It also wouldn't hurt if the movie was around 90 minutes or heck, even shorter. I decided to keep my thoughts on each film short, no more than two sentences per "review". Boom. That was my plan. Let's see how it played out... Shall we?

6:00AM - Prepartions.

I can hear my wife LeEtta getting ready for work. I have to remember not to gloat that I have the day off. Chicks don't like that. I wash my face, brush my teeth, and get dressed. I wish her a good day at work and then I get my playlist together. A few of these movies were already in our queue but I need a few more to squeeze in. Once that's done, I pour myself some iced coffee (French vanilla) and start heating up a bagel in the toaster oven. I start the first movie of the day.

6:55AM - Wolfcop (2014)

This is gory fun with a capital "HOLY SHIT!"

8:15AM - The Town That Dreaded Sundown (2014)

Wow, just wow. I really wish I had seen this in theaters. A new slasher classic?

9:42AM - Toad Road (2012)

This is the druggiest movie that ever drugged a drug. It requires a fuckton of patience and skinny pants, you'll need skinny pants.

11:02AM - Haunter (2013)

Very nice! A competently made ghost movie with a teen horror sensibilities, great atmosphere, and likeable characters.

12:00PM - Lunch

I made a hotdog and bacon sandwich with cheddar cheese, mustard, and ketchup. Then I had a piece of cherry pie LeEtta made for the 4th of July with vanilla ice cream on top for dessert. I'm awesome.

12:44PM - Alyce Kills (2011)

This took me down a painful road and rewarded me for my agony. Had my favorite moment of the day (pictured above).

2:22PM - Jug Face (2013)

This is the weirdest remake of Kissin' Cousins I've ever seen.


And there you go. Thanks to some short running times, I managed to squeeze 6 movies into my 9 hour day. I even had time to do the dishes and clean up all of the blood before LeEtta got home. I think my favorite film of the day was The Town That Dreaded Sundown with Alyce Kills trailing close behind it. I liked everything but Toad Road was really a slog the more I think about it. The film had a great moment in the middle but it was just grueling but not in a good way. That's the only film out of everything that I watched that I don't recommend.


  1. Nice one Richard. I haven't had much luck with Netflix, probably due to my inability to cope with the amount of choice. I did see a cool doco on Japanese snow monkeys though! Have you checked out Fandor? There's some very cool giallo titles including the recent Deep Sleep; a 30 min Arthouse trip through the giallo.
    Ryan (NZ)

  2. I also loved the TTDS remake/sequel too. Such a fresh approach to revamping a classic and the slasher genre in general. Sadly, it seems we are some of the few that appreciate it like it deserves.