Monday, December 22, 2014

Doomed Moviethon EurocultAV Movie Party #1 - Pieces

So we tried this over the weekend with a double feature of Graduation Day and Pieces but alas, I had a migraine and had to bail. So we're trying it again. Doomed Moviethon in conjunction with is having a Movie Party. At midnight EST this Saturday (that's 11pm for you Central Time peeps), we are going to have a showing of Pieces. Where is this happening? On Twitter and Facebook! Where else? I'm hoping that we can have this little Movie Party once a month.

So anyway, start the film at the stroke of midnight (or 11pm or whatever your corresponding time zone may be) and we'll all hang out and get destroyed like a BASTARD BASTARD BASTARD!! Remember, this event is this Saturday, 12/27/14. Be there or end up in Pieces. The hashtag for the event is #piecesofgeorge so don't forget to use it and abuse it.


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