Friday, September 30, 2011

Ladies Of Death Row Swimsuit Calendar

No, it's not some lost Russ Meyer film, it's my band. My friend Nafa and I have been in this strange band called Ladies of Death Row Swimsuit Calendar (old website) for 10 years now. We started back when I was in college (I'm not making excuses!). We're not exactly "motivated" or "productive" but we do exist. And in September of 2001, we started making weird guitar loops, obtuse 4 track experiments, and jokey shit. Sometimes we're even half serious. Or maybe I dreamed that part.

Here's some of our music:

LODRSC - McDonoughs (lots of old songs)

LODRSC - So Misled (more recent stuff)

Nafa's music

4 songs of my strangeness

Here's some videos of our videos:

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